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September 30, 2011

Transition to Homebody

I've never been a homebody.  Actually, I've never really had a place I called home for more than a short stint.  I've always been the go hang out with other folks, drive around because there's nothing better to do and well I like to drive, go swing on the swings at a park kinda gal.  Fast forward several years, a bad economy, gas being almost $4 a gallon and losing 2 of the girlfriends I hung out with most... I've become a homebody.  There's also the fact my Hubby is a homebody & I work from home.  All these things add up to staying at home way more than I've ever done so in my life.  Ever.  Now... what do I do with myself?  Whats this nesting thing and how do you do it?  I have never had a room let alone an (almost) entire house to dictate how it's decorated or what purpose it serves.  I feel like I've lost my car in a large arena parking lot.


ps.  When giving advice (sorry to put restraints on it) please keep in mind Hubby doesn't much like change.  And I'm broke.  Le sigh.


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