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October 1, 2011

the Chicken Dance

Stop the Presses! We went out 2 nights in a row!!  We'll probably sleep all day tomorrow. lol

Tonight we attended a birthday party at Nagasaki Restaurant for my good friend Robin. 

Happy Birthday!!!
Isn't she Gorgeous?!

Nagasaki is what we call the "ghetto Benihana".  It's cheaper (especially with the BOGO coupon in the Friday paper), you get more food & you can talk loud and nobody cares.  Plus they have excellent Strawberry Daiquiris.  I always order the same thing - Steak & Chicken with steamed rice.  I also usually enjoy the soup (dont remember the name) all but the mushrooms, the onions & zucchini are yumalicious, the salad which is really lettuce with ginger dressing is ok & the bean sprouts taste like dirt.  YumE!!  I had some left overs and if not for making myself sick I'd go eat them right now... cold. 


Birthday Girl

Nom Nom Nom

Yes, thats me being silly!


 So during the meal I say "Oh great... I have that damn Red Hot Chili Peppers way to much cow bell song stuck in my head."  My wonderful Husband says "Oh, well then we can sing the chicken dance song."  And proceeds to start singing the Chicken Dance Song.  Thanks Big Bang Theory!!! <3

Shirey & Charlotte

Robin & Me

The Girls!

Robin & Blaine Reeves
 This is the birthday girl & her hubby.... our good friends.  I linked Robin's blog to her name above.  You should check it out & be sure to click on the ads (no viruses) while there.  I also want to say Congratulations to her... 65lbs lost so far.  *WOOT*  Keep up the good work chick!!  Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party.  We had a FAB time!!!


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