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January 26, 2012

Tooth Fiasco 2012

This shit is wack yo!  So now... I have went from a major dry socket to a sort of dry socket with infection set in.  Is there anything else that can go wrong with this effin' tooth?  I mean really?  I've missed almost 2 weeks of work b/c I have to keep this clove oil packed into the socket (I'll never smoke another clove cigarette... ever) and can't eat anything I have to chew.  Well I can, but it's not a good idea.  I always drink thru a straw & now I can't.  {Its the little things!} I have to flush out this socket which is gross and messy and time consuming and I could really be spending that time on Pinterest.  #ImJustSayin'

3 visits to the dentist (I mean she's hot but, damn)
$200 in bills (approx)
8 days off work with no pay (-$$$)
In pain for almost 3 weeks now (and not pain like you stumped your toe pain)
Everything smells & tastes like clove.  *gags a little*

The upside to all this.... I'll have lost some weight at the end since I can't eat anything substantial.  Woot!   (rolls eyes)

So here I sit, watching Tom Green on the Wendy Williams Show eating {clove} applesauce & (clove) butterscotch pudding (separate), drinking {clove} water out of a cup instead of a straw, and considering a nap. 

I am seriously going to be pissed if I can't eat cake this weekend!   :)  Like I said... it's the little things.

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