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May 7, 2012

Some of my favorite things - Celebrity Fashion edition

I really like Nicole Richie's style. 
It's effortless, chic & grown up. 
No more hanging with Paris outfits.
So nice.
Kudos Nicole!

And here's Kim Kardashian. 
I love when she gets it really wrong.

The Duchess of Cambridge.
Kate Middleton.
I love her style & her smile. 
Whenever she steps out, and always without a stylist,
she looks fabulous! 
Woman can take a cue from her.  **PSA**

Scarlett Johansson.
I like that she's not afraid to try things.
And I love Roses.  I would wear them on everything.

Patrick Schwarzenegger. 
Going to the prom.
Look at that smile reminiscent of his Pop.

Justin Bieber.
Chillin' with Floyd Mayweather.
Lookin' sleek & high as a murph. (with 50 cent in the background)

Mischa Barton.
Never. gets. it. right.
Top 3 worst dresser in hollywood.

Eva Mendez (My baby Mama).
LOVE the retro look.

Freida Pinto.
Love this suit.
Love women in suits.

Mila Kunis.
I love a boyfriend blazer & shorts with nude pumps.
Super cute!

Tyra Banks.
In a Raspberry dress. 
This is one of my favorite all time colors.

Kim Kardashian.
With a vagina on her chest.

Khloe Kardashian.
Animal print.  Never goes out of style.
and a little bit of lace peeking.  Awesome.
Would be better if it wasn't so high up on the neck.
Or even a long, flowy dress. 

Michelle Williams.
Top 3 worst dressed in Hollywood.
And enough with the boy haircut.  Heath is gone.  The haircut should be too.

Reese Witherspoon.... and baby. 
I love baby bumps done right. 

Gwen Stefanie.
Always, always stylish. 
Even her children are stylish.

Bethany Frankel.
I love everything about this outfit.
The floppy hat.
The comfy dress with belt.
The denim jacket (woot).
I would so rock this outfit.  ROCK.

Jessica Alba.
What's not to love?
The color is fabulous.
The dress is 50's style which is my fave. 

Cyndi Lauper at the Kentucky Derby.
No.. not at a UFO gathering.
This one makes me LOL

Michelle Obama.
LOVE this dress.  Love her style. 
So nice not to have old lady dresses in the white house anymore.

And my favorite fashion of all time... wedding dresses.

Fergie Ferg.
I love wedding dresses.  Love. 
I could just stare at them all day.

Such a gorgeous dress....

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