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July 25, 2012

Can ghosts haunt an apt - Part II

So I asked my Sister today if she'd had any other "unusual things" happen since my last blog post.  This is the text I get back...

"Nothing much lately."   I responded "Nothing much or nothing at all? lol" 
K says "Nothing much... same weird stuff.  Lol" 
Me "Like??"

(If you believe... go pee now... )

you back?  Ok.

K responds:  "Like the weird noises.  Sounds like all our dishes falling in the floor at once but nothing is out of place.  Or the closet doors where the water heater is {in the hallway between the kitchen/living room & the bathroom then bedrooms} bowing out & popping like something ran into it from the inside.  That freaks me out.  The girls are always seeing ppl or shadow ppl that aren't really there. 

I filled an ice tray with water & put it in the freezer.  Before I could let go of the door there was a banging sound inside & opened the door to find the tray sitting perfectly in the door.  Not where I had put it.  There was no way for it to fall or slide.  And there was no water spilled.  We tried to recreate it but we weren't able to.  Freaked us out a little."

Ok... is anyone else freaked out??  I swear I think my family is haunted.  The house we grew up in... we use to have "unusual things" happen.  I've also always believed we were at least a little "sensitive" but I'm wondering if the girls are even moreso. 

I just texted her and told her we need to research the land.  Any suggestions on where to start?  I mean I know the general story of the land but I need to go back FAR!

*Posted with my Sister's permission.*

Just recv'd another text from her... "Lol.  We're used to it.  Happens all the time here.  The doors bowing out scared the crap out of me because I was in the bathroom right beside the door."

At least she was in a good spot since it scared the "crap" out of her.  *giggle*

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