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November 13, 2012

Wanna know whats sad?

I have a lot to say.

     Thats not the best blog post title ever but it's a relevant question. 

All my life I've told people "One day I'll write a book."  I'm afraid the book isn't going to happen.  Not because my love of words has diminished even a little.  To the contrary... I love words so much I had them tattoo'ed on my forearm for forever.  The book won't come because I'll never be able to get over my fear of rejection of the one thing I love the most in the world.  I'm a story teller.  It's what I do.  I'm great at it.  It's why I'm not happy in other aspects of my life.  I'm not doing what I was meant to be doing.  I have to write this book.  (switched to different side).  It's not like I couldn't do it.  I totally could.  It would take some scheduling and will power but I believe it could happen.  But what if they hate it?  What did Teresa tell me today.... "Without RISK there is no reward."  Who doesn't like Rewards?!  (switch back)  Oh, and then, there's the fact I'm lazy.  I dont want to have to research which companies to send it to, who to send it to, what genre to send it to, how to protect my heart from getting hurt.  And what am I writing about?  I'm only 42 years old.  I haven't seen much.  Hard to tell a {good} story about something you haven't done or seen. 

Without Risk.. there is no Reward......

Help me out folks... what do you think?

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