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December 24, 2012


My friend Teresa's house is haunted.  We've heard knocking on windows, weird noises, shelfs (full of angels btw) have fallen for no reason, pictures knocked over, etc.  SO... Just Sunday while in her kitchen an Orb flew past us. For realz.  An orb.  A pretty big Orb at that.  I tried to debunk it but with no luck. 
I often wonder if it's the people that these entitites are attracted to and not the buildings. 
My inlaws were saying our house couldnt be haunted b/c my Hubby built the house.  Well... the land has been there for THOUSANDS of years.  Who's to say what's happened on that piece of land over those years. 'eh.  Maybe a caveman was eaten by a dinosaur.  Or an Indian killed by a Confederate Soldier. 
Hm... Who's to say... but yeah... there's been some weird happenings of late.
I'll keep ya posted......

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