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June 16, 2013

Young I am not

Today (Saturday) sparks the first day in my new life as a single woman.  And boy does my back hurt!! Nothing says it's official like moving your shit out of the home you shared for 9 years with the man you love.  Especially when he's so ready to be rid of you that he's packed up almost all your belongings into tidy Uhaul boxes.  How do I feel about this monumental day in my life?  Saturday, June 15, 2013.  Sad.  Confused mostly.  A little surreal too I guess.  I don't know where the anger went.  I'm just too tired to be angry.  Plus, I get it.  He's done.  When I'm done I'm done... so yeah, I get it.  I think I just want it to be over.

The part that is giving me stress isn't the ruination of my marriage (as one would think it would be) but what to do with the REST of my life.  That's a much more important question as it is the one I can control.  Must. Make. Right. Decision.  #pressure

I feel like I should be more upset over this.  But the truth is... life is short.  I'm not going to spend it unhappy.  Especially at this age.  Not with what I now know.

One of my favorite albums of all time is Tesla's "Times Making Changes".  The song "What You Give" is particularly joyful to my ears. 

For your reading pleasure:
What you give lyrics

It has also inspired my next lyrical tattoo.  More to come.........


  1. WHAT YOU GIVE is one of my mostest favorite songs ever!! i'm here for ya girlie, just like always - if you need and i've got, it's yours!! i feel ya on this, what to do now with the rest of your life....i'm still searching for the answer to that question....but i love you and i think of you daily.