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January 9, 2012

Ever had a toothache?

Then you can empathize with me today.  I broke this tooth a few weeks ago, (been a minute!), and have been able to keep the pain to a minimum with goody powders and excedrin.  Well it has been progressively getting worse (the pain) for the past several days.  Today the pressure from my headset & the constant jaw'ing from talking to Patients caused it to rattle my head.  My jaws hurt, my ear hurt, the entire left side of my face hurt.  Hurt.  I can take some pain.  This shit hurt.  Ugh.  So I left an hr before my lunch & laid down after taking a lortab.  Ok, for the record, that shit don't work for a toothache.  AT ALL.  My back, however, feels better.  So I called my dentist office this morning and she is out of town all week.  I was about to have a small panic attack because I don't like dentists.  I ended up in the hospital for several days after a dentist dug a tooth out of my head (seriously... it took 2 of 'em) and it was infected.  The infection spread into my bloodstream giving me sepsis.  The hospital staff informed my Husband had I waited much longer to come into the ER I probably would have died.  I think maybe they were being overly dramatic but its still a scary thought.  All that from a bad tooth.  So I found a new dentist & we had a long talk before I ever let her lean me back in the chair.  I like my dentist alot.  She's badass.  (Fauzia Khan @ Macon Oral Care in Cordova!)  Anywho.. she's on vaca this week.  Greattttt.  So I start asking around for other folks dentist even tho I'm thinking to myself "I am not going to see another dentist... omg my tooth hurts.. yes I am..." and repeat.  I call the Dentist Ofc again to see if Dr Khan has called back and the Nurse is apologetic and sweet and says she hasn't.  I asked her if she can ask Dr Khan to call in some antibiotics and tell me who else I can go see.  She gives me a name and says she'll ask the Dr soon as she calls back.  Well within 15 mins I get a call back.  My lovely dentist is going to call me in some antibiotics and says they should help with the pain.  *woot*  You know in this day and age most Drs or Dentists want to see you first before calling in anything.  Then again since it's just antibiotics I guess thats a little different.  Either way.. I'm ecstatic!  I'm also in pain and probably not going back into work b/c the thought of moving my mouth or that dang headset prop'd on my head just isn't for me today.  Too much pain!  :(   Whether I get an occurrence or not. 

So, in the spirit of having half a day off work with nothing to do but lay in bed to bitch & moan about how much pain I'm in I'm going to share a list of 45 Places to Go in 2012.  Yeah Yeah I know you can't make all these places.  But it would be nice to pick say 2 or 3 and try to make it then blog about it. 

The first place listed is Panama.  I have a friend who's from there.  He says it's a really great place and we should visit.  I think had he not fell in love & gotten married to an American he probably would've already been back there.  But that's just me making an assumption based on how much he loves the place!

The NY Times 45 Places to go in 2012

Peace, Luv & 420.

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