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January 10, 2012

Where are my PR peeps?

Have you ever really watched the commercials?  I mean... put down the laptop, sat still, focused & w.a.t.c.h.e.d. these commercials?  Lets take for instance the just on Dr commercial.

First off... none of those folks are old.  Wouldn't you want to target at least SOME of those folks?  Hello?!  Where's my PR people?  What say ye ole wise ones? 
And second...  that white dude is talking to the middle/middle upper class.  How expense are these Mo'fukkas?  These are some in.serts.  And thirdly... the black dude jumps up and kicks those feet together a little too fluid for my liking (trained dancer!)  Ok.  That's not true.  I did like it.  He was flawless.  But a little TOO flawlesss.  Nobody my age can do that shit right there.  What, with our knees?  Are you kidding?  Not even WITH those damn inserts.  You are not foolin' me Dr.  (I digress)  And Fourthly... the white girl is too pretty.  Yep.  I never even looked at her feet.  #truth  

Wow... this chick has some really fake boobs.  #Distracted  #ADD

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