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February 23, 2012

Can apartments be haunted?

If you are reading my blog you know by now that my 4yo Niece has been having some other worldly things happening of late.  This morning my Sister texts me the picture below and asks me how in the world the clothes basket moved from the front end of the Barbie Jeep to where it is currently situated. 

Here is where it WAS:

There are no pets.  No sleep walkers.  No other adults in the house.  No forgotten moments.  No wine or xanax.  No open window/door.  No apartment attached to this room.  There is no explaination why the clothes basket had moved.  The thing is... this isn't the first time there's been "weird" things to happen in this particular room.

I told my Sister to lightly tape up some dental floss tonight over the doorway and to let me know in the morning what happens. 


  1. Yeah, apartments can be just as haunted as any other piece of property. Energy is tied to the location no matter who lives there. Another thing is, I think children have a different understanding than we do now as adults. When we were younger and would see things or experience anything and go running to our parents, what was the first thing they said? Oh, honey, it was just a bad dream..or baby, you're just imagining it. We're taught to ignore our senses from an early age.

    I'm not sure how that basket could've flown across the laundry room like that, but it was definitely forceful. Not only that, but if the basket was just thrown, the clothes wouldn't be coming out into the hallway. It would've just hit the wall and the clothes would be around it..not leading out the room?

    Is there another room that maybe doesn't have carpet? There's an experiment she could do with baby powder..if she could sprinkle baby powder near a doorway or anywhere where there's activity, maybe she can see footprints (I'm praying not) or paw prints.

  2. I think you are right on about smaller ones being taught to ignore it. And its funny that you realized that about the clothes. I agree. So very weird. No carpet in the whole apartment. Omgoshh... paw prints?!

  3. I'm so late on checking this! But yeah, the baby powder experiment is like pretty scary really. It takes a lot of energy for ghosts to speak, let alone have them moving things...which is why I was hoping against paw prints. If stuff starts getting marked in three's or if growling is heard, I'd consult some sort of church man. Because ghosts can and will follow you, but so will demons. Has anything happened since?

    UGH. I need to find somewhere to do a ghost hunt! It's so much fun...and not at the same time. LOL!