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February 20, 2012

What growls at you in the kitchen?

No, I haven't been watching too much Ghost Adventures lately.  Although, I must confess to watching the numerous marathons that pop up on the Travel Channel.  You know... just to have something on in the background while I pinterest & procrastinate doing the dishes.  I must also confess to totally believing in spirits, etc.  Not the fake-like-wrestling shit... but "the cabinet doors opening by themselves after I walked out of the kitchen in the house I grew up in" kinda spirits. 

For some years my Niece Kendra has walked and talked in her sleep.  Considering my siblings & I did both growing up this really isn't all that surprising.  Whats surprising is... well... read for yourself.

One night (a year or so ago I believe) she unlocked the front door to "let them in".  {who the fuck is them?!} 

She's held several-minute conversations sitting up in bed.  Asleep.  Not rambling.  Not mumbling.  c.o.n.v.e.r.s.a.t.i.o.n.s.  

One morning in December Kendra went into the kitchen, alone, to fix some cereal.  My Sister said Kendra had only enough time to get into the kitchen good from her (my Sister's) bedroom when she let out a blood curdling scream and bolted down the hallway and into Karren's room.  When Karren got Kendra calmed down she said something had growled at her in the kitchen.  Yes.  Growled. 

About a week ago Kendra sat up in bed and started having a one-way conversation.  She raised her hand up towards the ceiling and said "Come with me."   Insert Pause.  Then she said "Yeah, I'm a kid.  I'm a real kid." 

Normally I would just poo-poo it and say it could easily be explained away. Normally.

Someone please tell me that this is normal ramblings of a 4 yo's mind.  I think I might need to go cleanse my Sister's apartment. 

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  1. Okay, now that definitely creeped me out. I've never dealt with anyone sleep walking or talking, do her eyes open when this happens or she's totally knocked out? I think putting a recorder in her room to try to capture EVPs would be the best bet. Cause then, if there were voices caught on it and it followed the conversation of what Kendra's talking about, that's all the validation needed that the place is haunted. It'll also give a sense of what kind of spirits are talking to her.

    Growling could be a spirit intentionally acting like a demon to try to scare the family away, but growling is a scary sound to hear. A demonic haunting is usually violent. Being scratched, pushed, smelling sulfur, acting completely out of character are tell-tale signs..