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April 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning

If you're like me - just reading those two words makes you cringe.  I detest cleaning.  Even if it hadn't often been punishment as a child I still wouldn't dig it.  I like things clean, now.  I do clean.  I just don't like it.  My goal is to always do it as quickly as possible even if it's maybe just not as "often" as I should. 

Today I've been pinteresting while watching the Nascar race.  I've been reading up on more natural ways of cleaning your house and tons of ways to be more organized.  Much like watching too many hours of HGTV or DIYTV I'm ready to organize my whole house.  BUT WAIT....   There's a process.  Can't go just throwing stuff in baskets and plastic bins.  Thats pretty much how I got to where we are today.  

I want to share with you the blog post I read today that made me whoa up & realize, in order to really make this work... and to not have to do it again... I have to follow the PROCESS...  Use the Force!  <-- blog="" click="" p="" post="" see="" the="" there="" to="">
We aren't Hoarders mind you.  You can actually see the floor in most rooms.  I don't own many things as most of what I own you can pack in my car.  (Minus a bed frame, dresser & a couple book shelves).  What I DO own is 27 eyeshadows, 3 bottles of almost empty base, 4 tubes of slightly used Mascara, 16 lipsticks, 4 different hair gels, 6 different hair frizz'er keeper outter.... you get the idea.  I'm always on the search for the "perfect" color/texture/hairstuffs.  I've read that you should throw out all of these items, regardless of the amount of product remaining, at the expiration date or 12 months.  (Less for some things.)  Well... what if I dont WANT to throw them away?  Can I donate them?  Who would want used makeup/hair gel/shampoo?  I have enough hair stuff to do 100 heads of hair (at least!).  Should I give them to the homeless so they can huff the cans? 

So.. as I begrudgedly (sigh) purge (sigh) things out of this house I'll have a bunch of items, books, clothes, handbags, etc. that will be donated very soon to the GoodWill nearest you. 

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