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January 4, 2012

The holidays are over...

And on with 2012 we go. 

I'm usually a big NYEve'er but this year I was really tired and called it a night early. 

Here are a few pix from our NYE shenanigans!

The Reeves ~ Robin & Blaine

Todd & Shirey

This is Todd & I 'attacking' Shirey & Larry running for his life!


The Reeves.. non silly face! lol

The Girls!  (Im only this tall b/c of 3" heels)

If you dont watch "Big Bang Theory" then Larry's facial expression might mystify you. Lol!  Me 'n Hubby


You can find Robin's blog here  I highly recommend it. You'll laugh, curse, laugh some more, boycott McDonalds & possibly, maybe, occasionally be sad. But not so much. You'll mostly laugh. Oh and she posts some good recipes!  Like the yummy cheese dip we had for NYE. 

Robin has done an excellent job of blogging almost every single day for a year.  She made a good point that it's a great way to look back at what all you've been doing for a year.  With ADD it's very hard for me to keep interest in anything for that long but I'm going to try to do better.  If for nothing else so I can post boring shit and make my family & friends read it. bawhahaha!!!  Oh, er... um. 

Anyway... last but not least... I am setting a goal to lose 30lbs by this time next year.  Sounds easy peezy right?  Yeah Uh NO.  So... to help myself along I'm going to post a picture of myself everytime I blog so I can say "Dang it... I dont see any weight loss." and maybe that will help motivate me.  *sigh*  We can always hope.

Here's a pic of my friend T & I (She always looks great) 
And my friend fugly fat jiggly arm.  Ugh.

This is actually (minus the random glitter) a decent picture if a decent picture can be taken.

So, the journey begins.  To beat my ADD & my addiction to food.  We'll see where I am in 2013!  Onward....