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January 5, 2012

There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark." Stephen Hawking

So my BFF Sister Tracy posted online tonight that she was making hot dogs, fried taters 'n onions and mac & cheese for the boys.  I thusly remembered we have 2 packs of hot dogs in the fridge I found while cleaning it out on Sunday.  So that meal (minus the mac&cheese sadly) is what I planned for dinner.  I texted Hubby who was up for the idea and even stopped at Krpoger (haha... inside joke) to get the buns.  Since he was stuck in traffic I started the hot dogs in a pot with a little water on low/med heat.  I peeled a couple taters eating a few raw bites along the way & put on a pan of black beans.  I put some oil in the pan & started the taters to cookin' just waiting on the onion & buns to arrive from the store.  After the hotdogs (Nathan's all beef) plumped up I poured some oil into the pan and turned the heat up a smidge.  Hubby gets home with buns, bread, doritos, potato chips, sodas & nutter butters.  No onion.  I'm sad.  We argue a minute over his inability to not only listen to me (huh ladies!) OR read my texts.  He makes mention he was in traffic trying to get home.  Only because we live in Memphis & the traffic is horrendous does he get a free pass. :)  I also threw on some sauerkraut after going to Jimmy's Dogs on Stage Rd with Robin & Blaine last week. 

So supper is finished, I'm stuffed from eating 2 dogs with kraut & the kitchen is sorta cleaned up.  I decided to forego the dishes (cuz I can) and play my game on facebook instead.  Oh and blog.  Tomorrow being Friday I can do the dishes when I get off work and then chill. 

So I pull up (my homepage) so I can log into my blog and see, almost out of my peripheral, the name Stephen Hawking at the bottom of the page... which is where things are that are currently trending.  So I quickly open another browser window and click on his name to see what's up.  I'm thinking he's finally keeled over from ALS or discovered some wormhole or that God is real.  Nah... he's just having a birthday.  Turning 70.  Which is kinda amazing since he's had ALS for 49 yrs and most people die in just a few years of being diagnosed.  Maybe being a frickin' genius makes you live longer too?! 

I know you're probably wondering where the title for this blog came from.  Well this article.  I've read up a teensy bit on Hawking because he's a bit of a curiosity.  And I'm jealous of geniuses.  Bastards.  Anyway, if you are into science then Hawking is your man.  If you're God fearing... yeahhhh not so much.  Here's the Professors official website dot org.   Reading over some of the information about Stephen is like listening to *Sheldon talk.  *(from the Big Bang Theory tv show)  I felt dumber the more I read.

Today was a decent day.  I found out my Supv at work changed which almost sent me into a panic attack (long story that I'm not allowed to share online due to a form I signed) but I went to my Zen place & all was well.  I had a few Patients who made me LOL & one who was a complete grump.  In 12 yrs of call center work talking to these folks never gets old.  I mean I get tired of having a headset shackled to my ears all day... but hearing their stories, getting to laugh along with them... that makes the job tolerable. 

Was a pretty low pain day.  Lower back hurt a little and I had a sinus headache this morning.  I broke another freakin' nail!!  In all my years I am just now able to grow hard nails but the damn things peel.  WTH?  And I can't keep nail polish on.  No matter how much I paid for it or the top coat (or base coat).  Any suggestions? 

I haven't hardly been on facebook all week and haven't been on Pinterest in over a week.  What is this world coming to when a girl is so tired and or busy she can't get on Pinterest?  Speaking of Pinterest I bought a few trinkets this weekend at Salvation Army to make my own candles in.  I can't wait to try this.  I'm not going to do it as a job but there'll be some folks who get smell purdy, cute container candles for gifts.

Oh... today I was bad.  Since I was so stressed over this change at work I went to McD's for breakfast and a sweet tea.  I have GOT to quit emotionally eating.  I mean for realz.  I felt guilty afterwards which I guess is a good start. 

Here's me 01/05/2012 (still can't believe we're in 2012)


Peace. Luv & 420.  Char