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January 6, 2012

Is it really stealing?

So I've been giving this a lot of thought (since last night) and decided that the current lay out of my blog is much to much like that of my good friend, bloggy inspiration & mentor Robin.  (Find her blog The Bat Kave here, err, or there.)  Since she's not the type who would mind sharing I'm sure it's fine.  But I don't want her to have to share.  Whats her is hers and mine should be about me.  But I'm really bad at coming up with ideas on my own.  For anything.  Seriously.  (Maybe that's why Pinterest appeals to me so much.)  So maybe I'll just go through random blogs and plagiarize some one's blog I don't know.  (ha. for real tho).  Right now it's some plain Jane, dorky layout and colors with no bling.  I'm a bling type girl.  Soo... until I find my way around and figure out what works for me please do not be offended Robin if I leave it as it is for now & try to keep up with you as your blog on the daily.  How will I ever get the book written if I cant even blog on a daily basis.  Lord knows I can talk so why not blog? Right?! 

Today I'm not posting a pic of myself b/c well I don't look any diff than yesterday.  No worries I'm still posting a picture.  It was a warm 69 degrees today (weird, even for Memphis) and the Sun was gloriously shining.

Since I am a Leo & Leo is a Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun, days like today are tremendous!

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